Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Fun

Braden & I are just discovering swimming and since it's finally warm enough to enjoy we're doing our best to get some serious pool time in.

IMG_0039 (Small)

IMG_0112 (Small)

IMG_0107 (Small)

Braden's already picking up Mom's bad habit...Diet Coke. I found him in the kitchen the other day with this. He now has a designated can just for him!

IMG_0117 (Small)

IMG_0118 (Small)

This is my favorite pic of the summer so far. We went to Saint George with Ash, Dust, Mom, and the girls in April. This was on our hike at Red Cliffs. Priceless!!!

IMG_0069 (Small)

1 comment:

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

ohhh i want to squish him right now!!! please post more pictures!! i can't get enough of him