Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Funny Face

So, Braden has this face that Court taught him which we've dubbed "The Funny Face." We've pretty much got him to do it on command, but no one can do it quite like Snittle. You may also catch the little "mmm, mmm" which he does whenever he gets something yummy.

Here's another shot...

We did our first boat run of the season with "the boys". Of course Cade's favorite thing was driving the boat!

Dad and Bradski


Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

oh my heck that is so funny!!!! He is so cute and round...i want to see him so bad!

Mary said...

Hey Brittany! So i just did a quick trip though your last year. it was fun to meet Braden and see how cute he is. I love the angry face it reminds me of that baby on utube that does the evil eye. hope you guys are well we are doing great and actually getting ready for number three. so crazy i'm not ready, i guess i have till January.