Monday, July 20, 2009

More Pics from the Hospital...


Taking Braden home from the hospital...his first onesie!


He loves to eat his hands.  When we try to give him a binki, he just spits it out and stuffs his hands in his mouth instead.


Braden's first Lamb Day in Fountain Green.


Just stretching.


Abby was an "Indian Princess" in the parade.  I give Keith's float two thumbs up!!


Brettie loves to snuggle with Braden when he gets home from work.  Yesterday they had to take a  Sunday afternoon nap together.


Thanks Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dust...Braden looooves his swing.


Laura Hale said...

Britt, Congratulations! What a sweet little face. I have a feeling all your babies are going to have a very similar look, with you and Brett looking so alike. Happy Motherhood to you!

Chelsea Maughan said...

Wow guys he is really a cute little baby! Good job and congratulations!

Jessica said...

Okay so he for sure looks exactly like YOU brit!! That last picture of his eyes wide open is a brittany expression for sure. man he is a cutie, please bring him to Jersey he want to see his aunt Fluffy!

Ashley said...

It's weird to see your site as "The Allred Family." Braden is so cute and so is his cousin. What a fun relationship those two will have. I am so happy for you guys! And I applaud you for posting the picture of yourself swollen from an allergic reaction. You are such a good sport Britt, always were.