Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cousin Cade aka "Snugget"

I always thought Cade (or "Snugget" as we like to call him)  was small until we had little Braden.  Cade is a chunky monkey!!!


This was little Cade's 2nd time on the boat.  The first time, he really loved it and wasn't scared at all (even when Dust dangled him out over the water and Ash about had a heart attack!).  But this time after we got out of the wakeless and started to speed up, he got the saddest look on his face and had great big tears...he was soooo scared (it was adorable).


Cade loves to get into all sorts of trouble at our house.  His favorite toy is our little "eye" that hangs down from our entertainment center that you point the remote controls at.  We finally stopped reattaching it.  We definitely need a new location for it.IMG_1043

Cade loves my glasses (and earings, jewelry, HAIR) pretty much everything he's not suppossed to have.  Ash is about ready to just chop her hair off so he can't grab it anymore.




Ashley said...

What a cute little boy...I'm glad he's mine!!! I love these pictures, I need copies, especially of the boating ones.

court nicol said...

did you get the check for the boat? i think i sent it to a random address? also look for something fun in the mail!

brittany said...

Court...I did get the check, thanks! and tell ellie thanks for the fabulous picture, I loved it and I miss her.